What the heck is a financial personal trainer?

The other day a client told me I was like a financial personal trainer and I thought that was sort of funny. At jazzWealth we help you with anything that relates to your money. If you have personal finance questions or investment related questions we can help. We have helped our clients with everything from […]

Why you struggle with retirement investing.

A recent study which I reference in this video showed that many millennials are struggling to invest for retirement but not because they dont have the money to contribute to a Roth IRA or other retirement investment vehicle. The main reasons cited were that they feared another severe stock market decline before they retire. Another […]

HOW TO INVEST $1000 | Investing for Beginners

Knowing how to invest $1000 as a beginner is incredibly important because it lays the foundation for proper investing decisions for the rest of your life. Beginners should use these for tips as a guideline on how to properly invest $1000. These 4 steps on how to invest $1000 are obviously just my opinion so […]

Au Small Finance Bank. (Hindi) | Know Your Company by Markets Guruji

Hi Friends,This is a Series on Know Your Company by Markets Guruji for AU Small Finance Bank. Dt.17th June 2017 For More Details Visit: http://www.marketsguruji.com Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by MarketsGuruji Stay Updated by liking our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marketsguruji Find Details on Apollo Micro Systems Ltd on our Website: Apollo Micro Systems Ltd Find […]


Hiring, firing, listening, bargaining, partnering: Running a successful business means learning the skill of dealing with people. . .all kinds of people. In this episode, Robert discusses the skills he’s developed over a lifetime of entrepreneurship. Robert also says his formative years in the U.S. Marines laid the groundwork for leadership that served him in […]

Investment Strategies for Retirement – Best Investment for Retirement

Do you want to know the various investment strategies for retirement? Do you want to learn the best investment for retirement that’s available for you? In this video, American financial executive Larry Fink talks about how you should be investing for your retirement. He also talks about the various products that you can invest in. […]

Mo Money Episode 61: My New Year`s Personal Finance Resolution

Mo Money: “The Investment and Economics show for Millennials by a Millennial” brings you episode 61. I, like the majority of the people in the world, made a New Year`s resolution. Mine was simple: Stop spending my money like such an idiot. So I decided to make a plan on getting my financial house in […]

The Frugal Prof

The Frugal Prof is a personal finance website designed to help you become debt free and achieve financial Independence. I paid off $17K in debt last year. Visit Thefrugalprof.com for tips on making more money, becoming debt free, and how to invest and retire early. Have you made New Years Resolutions or set goals for […]

Awaaz@10 | 2g Scam Verdict | 21st Dec. 2017 | CNBC Awaaz

“India’s number one business channel CNBC Awaaz presents Awaaz@10.The primetime news bulletin on CNBC Awaaz brings you a round-up of the day’s biggest headlines, from market movers to politics, policy and consumer news. CNBC Awaaz is India’s number one business channel and an undisputed leader in business news and information for the last ten years. […]


The more things change, the more they stay the same. High-income earners and the middle class are still getting hammered with taxes.  In this episode, Robert talks to David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, and looks inside the new proposed tax plan. As usual, it’s all smoke-and-mirrors. The good news is if you’re financially educated […]