Why Frugal Living May Not Make You Happy – Friday Finance & FAQs – One Big Happy Life

Incorporating frugal living into your lifestyle is a great way to help save money and build wealth but being frugal may not make you happy and here’s why. Remember to thumbs up and subscribe for more One Big Happy Life! We talk a lot about how to save money in our videos because we know […]

2018 Sinking Funds-How I’m Using Them to Stay on Track with my Financial/Personal Goals

I’ve heard of sinking funds before. But I’ve never really used them while budgeting. This is a good way to save up for bigger purchases throughout the year. I’m also using them to keep certain goals and events in mind while budgeting month to month. Hello!! Welcome to my channel. If you aren’t already, please […]

Friday Finances and FAQs Ep101 – Save for Retirement or Pay Off Student Loans?

Welcome to Friday Finances and FAQs. This is a series about financial news, finance concepts, and interesting money or personal finance issues. We also answer questions from our viewers and readers from our blog. In the first episode of Friday Finances and FAQs, we discuss the potential tax changes and answer a question from our […]