Episode001: 2 Must Have Personal Finance Apps

Wall Street Wears Gold Teeth is here to make investing as easy and as simple as possible. In today’s day and age EVERYONE has access to apps and a smart phone. This means personal finance tools are as close to you as your phone! Today we are going over two must have apps for anyone […]

Personal finance – Controlling debt

Debt is an anchor in life that we all want to cast aside. It restricts freedoms and compromises dreams. The best way to overcome debt is to be proactive in creating a strategy to eliminate it. This video describes a free resource available on our website. We offer a personal finance worksheet that can be […]

#12 PERSONAL FINANCE: WHY SAM CARES. Why You Should Care Too! | Midwest Dollars & Sense

In this episode of Midwest Dollars and Sense, #StoryTimeWithSam as he shares the 4 most important reasons you should care about your Personal Finances. Sam also shares a progress update since Theodore was born. Please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MidwestDollarsandSense/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidwestDandS/ – “What is a budget and why […]

Revised 2018 Financial Goals + I Was On The Dave Ramsey Show!!

Hey Everyone!! Here is my updated financial goals for 2018. Thanks for watching!! ———————————————————— Here is the link to The Dave Ramsey Show episode that I was on: https://youtu.be/iY8YwhyV8ds?t=1h44m39s ———————————————————— I put all of my purpose funds in Capital One 360 Accounts. If you are looking for a great place to store your purpose funds, […]

2018 Budget Template – Mock Budget/ Budget With Me

Thank you so much for joining me for this 2018 Budget Template/ Budget Mock/ Budget Setup video. I hope that this helps you with your electronic budget and helps you streamline your finances. I will be posting videos every week related to personal finance, frugal living and living a debt free life. Follow me on […]

#goals2018 | Happy New Year!🎉 | My Goals for 2018 | Money, Life, Business | FrugalChicLife

Set Goals, Not Resolutions: My name is Nicole and I create content about debt freedom, wealth building, simple living, and much more! If you haven’t done so, please hit the Subscribe button for new uploads weekly! Blog Post: Frugal Living Hacks that Will Save You Thousands: 31 Frugal Living Hacks That Will Save You Thousands […]

Money Mythbusters: Personal finance tips that I’m leaving in 2017

This video we look at all the money “proverbs” and wisdoms that I’m sure a lot of us have heard over the years that we just need to leave dead and buried in 2017. Enjoy! source

2017 Financial Year End Review | Financial Goals Update | Announcing 21 Day Money Challenge!

Download the Annual Expense Tracker Here:https://www.frugalchiclife.com/freebies-2/ 21 Day Money Challenge: Jumpstart Your Journey to Financial Freedom- Starts January 1st http://www.frugalchiclife.com/21-day-money-challenge My name is Nicole and I create content about financial freedom, wealth building, simple living, and much more! If you haven’t done so, please hit the Subscribe button for new uploads weekly! Track Your Net […]


Knowing these 5 ways to get out and stay out of debt is extremely important in becoming financially free and enjoy debt free living. In this video I’ll go over how to pay down debt, how to get out of debt, and how to stay out of debt forever! This won’t be an easy journey, […]

How To Budget & Manage Your Cash & Money for Financial Success || SugarMamma.TV

How to budget and manage your cash flow so that you achieve your financial goals, stay out of debt and get back in control of your cash, money and personal finances. You can download my App here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/sugarmamma/id1234982804?mt=8 This app will help you understand what your living expenses are, how to plan and prepare for […]