Why you struggle with retirement investing.

A recent study which I reference in this video showed that many millennials are struggling to invest for retirement but not because they dont have the money to contribute to a Roth IRA or other retirement investment vehicle. The main reasons cited were that they feared another severe stock market decline before they retire.

Another reason was that they just simply didnt have enough saved for retirement. With many millennials believing that they will only need around $200,000 to retire, they are simply under funding their future retirement needs.

So how do we solve for this? Well, number one is that we need to look at market declines as opportunities. As long as you are appropriately invested then there is no need to fear a market correction, we would see it as a great opportunity to add to your retirement investments at a discount.

Another way to solve for lack of retirement is to not be intimidated by financial advisors…Well not all of them. At jazzWealth we are transparent about our only fee and that one fee includes all help, and financial advice you need to make sure you are not only invested correctly but also, that your personal finances are in order.

We’re an investing service that also helps you keep your dough straight. We’ll manage your retirement investments and, using NestEgg we can help you with every penny!

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